Author: Elisa

Buddha Bowl Basics

I came across this gorgeous looking bowl of food a few years back on instagram with a hashtag “buddhabowl”. I wondered, “what the heck is a buddha bowl?”

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creamsicle lip balm

If there’s an orange skittle, it’s mine. Christmas candy? I wanted the orange ones. So it should come as no surprise that this lip balm is my favorite!

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diy shower MELTS

Who doesn’t like the aromatherapy experience in the shower? The essential oil infused steam can help relieve stress, energize you or just plain make you feel amazing! It all depends on the essential oils you use.

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all purpose salve

You know how the grandmother in My Big Fat Greek Wedding sprayed windex on every little thing? That’s how I feel about this salve!

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Tzatziki sauce

Have you heard of tzatziki sauce? If you’ve ever had a gyro, chances are you’ve tried this yummy white sauce.

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