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My mom taught me to use a facial scrub once a week when I was in high school. We used one that had ground up apricot shells in it. Today, though, that’s a bit too harsh for my skin. My answer? Baking soda! It’s a gently exfoliant and since I make it myself, I know exactly what’s in it. For pennies a jar, it’s better for the pocket book too!

You’ll need:

2 Tbs Baking Soda
1 Tbs Organic Coconut Oil
5 drops Lavender
3 drops Frankincense

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir. Store in an airtight jar until ready to use. After wetting your face with warm water, take just a teaspoon of the scrub and gently run the face in circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat try.

Let me know how you like it!

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