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CBD is all the rage these days and with good reason! This study confirms that CBD has a calming effect and for me personally I can verify that it helps me with my feelings of anxiousness and stress.

This bath bomb combines two of my favorite things: cbd tincture and essential oils!

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You’ll see that the tinctures come in 3 different strengths: 300 mg, 900 mg and 1800 mg. You choose which one is right for you.

One way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle is with bath bombs. They’re so calming and cozy before bed time. To make them you’ll need:

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Combine baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, himalayan salt and cornstarch in a medium bowl. In a separate bowl, combine coconut oil, CBD oil, and essential oils.

Slowly add the wet ingredients to dry ingredients, stirring constantly.

Squeeze some of the mixture in your hands. It should hold its shape and pack nicely. If it crumbles it’s too try and needs a little more water. Just add a little at time so it doesn’t start to fizz.

Scoop the mixture into molds and press together firmly. Allow to set for one hour to dry. Gently remove the bath bombs from the molds and allow them to fully dry overnight.

Store in a glass jar with a lid until ready to use.

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