A little bit about me…

I was tired and stressed out all the time. I didn’t sleep well and I was edgy just about every day. I finally found out my adrenal glands were shot and a naturopath who could help me get my life in balance. It included many things, one of which was making time for some self care. I’m super passionate about it if you haven’t figured that out yet. 🙂

For me, self care means doing things that make me happy; things that keep my emotional, physical and spiritual needs in balance. Practicing self love can be challenging for some of us, since we are so busy being care givers to our families. But truthfully, when we take better care of ourselves, we have more to give to others!

As a wife and mom it was like a badge of honor to take care of everyone else at the expense of myself. I’ve learned the hard way there’s no honor in that. By taking a little time for myself I fill my cup which makes taking care of those I love so much better!

Sometimes just drawing in my bible, coloring with my pencils or simply sitting outside in the sunshine or walking around barefoot in the grass fills my cup.

Here are just a few other ideas for you to try.

  1. Go for a Walk – Do you have a favorite park or trail that you like to go to? Do it.
  2. Take a Hot Bath – My husband begins and ends each day with a hot bath, no joke. One day he ran me a bath and pretty much had to strong arm me to take a little time for myself. I became a bath convert in 30 minutes! Add some lavender essential oil to a cup of epsom salt and enjoy some quiet time. You deserve it!
  3. Appreciate the Little Things – The other day in the grocery store, my husband gently put his hand on my waist as he walked past me. Y’all my heart soared! That little loving touch of affection filled my cup up for the whole day! That first sip of coffee in the morning is another little thing that I appreciate. It sets the tone for the whole day!
  4. Diffuse Some Essential Oils – Inhaling in some oily goodness is always a good idea! Grab some lavender to unwind, a citrus to brighten your mood or frankincense to get in touch with your spiritual side.
  5. Create a Bucket List – Do you have places you want to visit? Things you want to do? Create a bucket list and set your mind to get started!
  6. Take a Nap – We work hard and need to give ourselves a break. Sunday afternoon naps on the couch cuddling with the dog is one of my favorite self care activities.
  7. Watch Your Favorite Movie – I can watch You Got Mail, Some Kind of Wonderful, Catch and Release and Moonstruck all day!
  8. Give Yourself a Facial – Make a DIY Face Mask for some self pampering. Your face will thank you!
  9. Go Out for Ice Cream – Every once and while treat yourself to an ice cream cone and savor every moment of it! My favorite is strawberry. What’s yours?
  10. Start Journaling – Writing out your thoughts helps relieve stress and provide clarity. So write it all out!
  11. Declutter! – I watched only one episode of Tidying Up on Netflix and completely went bananas decluttering. We got rid of things that didn’t bring us joy and kept only what made our hearts happy. I can’t begin to tell you what an unburdening experience it was. Seriously, if you haven’t started it, you need to!
  12. Meditate – Take some quiet time yourself and meditate for at least ten minutes a day.
  13. Adult Coloring – Grab you some colored pencils and an adult coloring book and start coloring! It’s so relaxing!
  14. Make a List of 5 Things You Like About Yourself – We spend too much thinking about the things about ourselves we want to change. How about thinking a bit about the things you like too!
  15. Take a Yoga Class – I cannot say enough about investing an hour or so in a yoga class. Our bodies hold so much junk and for me, yoga helps me to release it all!
  16. Practice Gratitude – In a new journal write 3 things a day that you are thankful for.
  17. Make A Playlist – Music has always been an escape for me. Make a playlist to fit your mood and enjoy the experience.
  18. Buy Yourself Some Flowers – Get some tulips, roses, or whatever floats your boat and put them where you can see them all day.
  19. Avoid Toxic People – I cannot stress this one enough.  Like Mary J Blige says, “No more drama.” You don’t need it.
  20. Affirm Yourself  – Find an affirmation that inspires you and tell it to yourself 3 times a day. Examples like, “I am worthy,” “I choose what I become,” “I am enough,” or “I am rich in relationships, wealth and love.”
  21. Binge Watch Your Favorite Show  – Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, the Librarians, there’s so much to choose from!
  22. Read a Book – Whether it’s a self help book or a juicy novel, read whatever helps you calm your mind.
  23. Go to the Spa – Treat yourself to a massage or facial or both!
  24. Cook a New Recipe – Do you have a lot of recipes you’ve been wanting to try on a pinterest board? Try one!
  25. Learn To Say No – Sometimes I would find myself saying yes to things all the time that left me tired. Just because someone asks, doesn’t mean you have to say yes. Give yourself permission to say no.
Remember you are good enough. You are perfect just the way you are! Let go of those negative mindsets that no longer serve you. Focus instead on all the things you have to be thankful for. It’s time to take some time to yourself. You got this!


What are your favorite ways to do some self care? Comment below. I’m always looking for more ideas!


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