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It seems like I was just decorating the house for Easter and I just realized Mother’s Day is around the corner! I put some of my favorite things together for my son to take a peek at and I thought I’d share them with you too for a little inspiration!

  1. Boho Mist Diffuser – I’m always looking for new ways to use my essential oils. I’ve been leaning towards a boho farmhouse vibe lately so this works perfectly in my home! And if you need some essential oils with it, I can hook you up with some of those too!
  2. Layered Coin Drop Necklace – I’ve been a fan of this layered necklace look for a while. This one makes it easy for me because they did the layering for me!
  3. Keds Sneakers – I opt for cute and comfy at every opportunity!
  4. Claw Hair Clips – Since we were inside for a lot of 2020 I decided to let my hair grow out. I gotta say I’m loving the length again. I reach for these hair clips almost every day.
  5. Throw Blanket – Hubs and I are watching the Walking Dead from the beginning while cuddling on the couch. I need my throw blanket to hide behind for the scary parts!
  6. Plush Robe – What mom doesn’t like a cozy plush robe to cuddle up in?
  7. 3 Piece Make Up Organizer – Keeping my makeup all together in these cute bags helps me find things so much easier! Plus they make travel bags.
  8. Nespresso Machine – You’ll never ever find me saying no to a decadent cup of coffee!
  9. Cross Body Bag – This bag is both comfy and sturdy to hold my wallet, my essential oils, my hand sanitizer and my mini bag of lip balm and gloss!
  10. On the Go Mug – This insulated tumbler is perfect for my ningxia red and seltzer spritzer. YUM!