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Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone. Do you have someone who uses essential oils on your list? Here are some great ideas just for them!

Essential Oil Diffuser – “I don’t need another diffuser” is something you will NEVER hear an oiler say. Bedrooms, offices, living area, kitchen, even the bathroom… there’s always a spot for another diffuser. This one makes a great gift. And they’re so affordable, you can grab a couple!

Diffuser Jewelry – Um, have you ever seen something more beautiful than these vial necklace diffusers?  Etsy has so many great choices!

Essential Oil Pouch  – These Anthro Inspired pouches are so stinkin’ cute!! They would make the perfect stocking stuffer! I’m completely enamored with them.

Roller Balls – Every self respecting oiler has a stash of rollers on hand to make up all their oily concoctions. These bamboo roller balls are a step up from the norm and would make her feel extra special!

Essential Oil Shirts – If I had to choose my favorite oily shirt… oh who am i kidding? I can’t pick one, but I can tell ya that etsy has so many choices!

Essential Oil Books – Hello Glow and Essential Glow are my two favorite books for many of my DIY projects. They’re so pretty to look at too so they make great coffee table items!

What will your be getting your oily peeps for Christmas?

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