School isn’t quite out yet, so chances are pretty good there are stressed out students of all ages in your house right now. When end of the year tests and assignments threaten to bog their emotions down, here’s a few tips to help prepare your student for success!

Mom always says: You have to get rest the night before a test! It’s true, your day really does start the night before. One of our best tips for happy nights is applying Peace & Calming and Lavender to their feet and wrists, and put three drops of each in their diffuser. They’ll be sleepin’ like babies! [Bonus Cool Science Fact: Psychologists at Wesleyan University found that Lavender increased slow-wave sleep, which is the very deep sleep in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. During this phase of sleep, the brain is thought to organize memory, as well. All the test subjects reported higher vigor the next morning too! Take that, big test!!] 

Before school, send your student off with a good breakfast AND confidence! Diffuse Peppermint while going through their morning routine, to invigorate their mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace, as well as giving them a boost of positivity! For big brain benefits, give them 2oz of Ningxia Red, which contains balanced ingredients for whole-body nutrient infusion, provides energy support, helps support normal eye health, has a high protein content, and contains ALL the essential amino acids.

Put their diffuser bracelet or necklace on with Valor or GeneYus to keep that confidence and positive energy flowing throughout the day! And most importantly, encourage them telling them, “you got this and you are amazing and will do great!”

Share with us how do you help your kids during test time? Tag me in instagram @elisaingram to show me!

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