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Coffee and great conversation go together like peas and carrots for me. We’ve carved out a special spot in our home for our long awaited coffee bar that makes sitting around the table for a chat so much easier! Everyone will be able to grab a mug and make their favorite cup of joe! I’ve been so impressed with the inspiration on pinterest and instagram! Here are some of the ideas I love the most so far.

This one from The Crafted Sparrow caught my eye. I love tobacco baskets on the shelves and the mug rack! I love the farmhouse vibe!

I’m really digging the open shelving concept. I love how Cute Tudor uses big glass jars for cookies!

I like the shabby look to this one with the white wash, tiered tray and cloche.

I’m captivated by using black pipes for the shelving like Live Simply did. I also like the black wall mount with hooks for our white coffee mugs.

I am drawn the shelves underneath that are so neat and tidy by Keeping Up with Our New Home.

I’m obsessed with the basket on the wall that A Blue Nest picked up from Hobby Lobby. It’s perfect for kcups and packets of hot cocoa!

So are you as inspired as I am? I can’t wait to go shopping and start creating our own coffee nook. I’ve compiled some of my favorite coffee bar items in case you want to start making one in your home too!

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