I used to be tired. ALL. THE. TIME. No matter how much I slept I was still exhausted. I was anxious, irritable, forgetful and frankly, just not my normal chipper self.

I went to see the doctor who wanted to prescribe medications to lower my blood pressure, calm my anxiety, give me antidepressants and a referral to a psychiatrist! I knew that there had to be a better way, so I asked a friend who mentioned her naturopath on facebook. I had no idea what they did but I was desperate for a better alternative so off I went.

She told me my hormones were out of balance and that I had adrenal fatigue. She made some diet changes, told me to take yoga, added some supplements and use certain essential oils and I was on my way to recovery.

I lost over 30 pounds and sleep so much better! I no longer need that mid afternoon cup of coffee just to function, my memory is better and most of all, I’m back to my chipper self!

Getting older has his challenges for sure. Who knew that hormones could wreak so much havoc? I can show you how you can weather the hormonal hurricane, increase your energy, have better sleep, increased libido and have a more balanced transition into the next stage of life. I can’t wait to be your oily bestie and walk you through every step!